Serious Case of the FOFs (Fear of Failure)

I'm a total dreamer with no balls. In my fantasy life, I can sing like Whitney Houston, socialise like Hollywood A-Listers, I own a mansion, and have surplus money and time to solve the world's biggest ethical problems. Trouble is, I would actually have to be successful in order to achieve any of that. And… Continue reading Serious Case of the FOFs (Fear of Failure)

What the Blog?!

Hello... (avoiding eye contact) Hi... Hey...  (pretend Woody voice) Howdy, how's it hangin'?... I like your face... Phew, awkward hellos done. I think I got away with that. I don't think anyone noticed I'm uncomfortable. Er, I'm not entirely sure what the frick I'm doing. Hmm, hungry. (I'm off for lunch...) Three hours later: Procrastination,… Continue reading What the Blog?!